6×9 medium format infrared images

After shooting IR film with my view camera, I took the Fuji GSW690 for some more IR images won’t Rollei 400 IR film. To my knowledge, is he last IR fikm in the market after Efke ceased production. There is also the Ilford SFX200, but its not actually a true IR film. Now maybe a good time for Ilford to make a true IR film, although I don’t know now viable could it be, since I suspect there is a very limited market for this kind of film today.

Anyway, shooting IR with the GSW690 was much easier than my view camera (as expected). The Fujinon lens has a dedicated focus mark for infrared photography and that proved to be extremely helpful in focusing correctly (I only wish my Leica and Voigtlander lenses had the same feature).



The two images above were taken with different light conditions. At the first the sun was partially behind clouds while at the second take, it was fully shining. You can see the more evident or effect at the second image. I consider clouds as a very important part of the image when I shoot landscape images, the IR effect makes them really add to the whole look of the photo.

I rated the film at ISO 12 when there was a clear sun in the sky, and ISO 6 on darker conditions. I probably could have used ISO 3 on slight overcast. You can’t really accurately meter IR light, so its wise on some situations to bracket exposure. With only 8 frames per film, I don’t really like bracketing, so I will do it only on situations where I think I have a very good subject.


Shooting on a tripod of course is a must (which is no hussle for me, since I mostly use the GSW690 on a tripod to have the best possible IQ and sharpness).

I developed the film using the R09 developer. I found the thin emulsion of Rollei to be prone to scratches much more than any other film I have tried, so it requires very careful handling and even then, a substantial amount of time to erase them in post process (which is something I really don’t enjoy). But it’s the sole IR film in the market right now, so I guess I will have to live with it.

I’ve got three more rolls of this film in my fridge, so depending on how they turn out, I will decide if I will renew my stashes or stick to digital IR with the M8. For sure, I wills continue to shoot ir with my view camera since I’ve got about 50 sheets of Rollei IR, and it will sure take a lot of time to shoot them.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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