500 megapixels

My experimentation on stitching images to create super large photos continues. This time, a 516 megapixels photo stitched with the Autopano Pro software. As expected, I used the Nikon D800E. The lens was the 28-300 at 200mm focal length.


Weather conditions were not optimal as you can see, there is lot of haze on the far background, of course that’s something that can be altered with careful post processing (up to a point of course). I am doing these images in order to gain more experience and every time I do a stitch like this I learn something new. This is a place I will visit again under the right weather and light conditions to make a good image. During noon, the light is stable so that gives you time to work. At dawn or dusk, when light changes faster it will be a real challenge to shoot so many images, it will require a very fast pace, but I can say I am getting faster each time.


The image above is from the top left side of the image (you can see the smoke there if you look closely, great detail indeed).

(Crop from the right side at the large building)

(Crop from the center of the image, a little bit to the right where you can see a road curve. I was really impressed when I saw the sign !!)

So, the D800E provides me the ability to do multi megapixel photos with a quite few number of shots (compared to other cameras). You don’t need a 500 megapixels image to print large but for specific projects where I will print at three meters or more wide, it can be really helpful. You can always interpolate a digital file with great success, but having the real large resolution at the first place, is a good way to start when making huge prints.

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