The wonderful world of TRI-X 400

After my disappointment from the results I got from Ilford XP2 400, the images from the legendary TRI-X 400 came out great. This is by far my favorite film for my 35mm rangefinders. I shot landscapes with it (although its sure is not a landscape film due to distinctive grain) and I was thrilled with the results. Very special and atmospheric.

I used again the Leica M6 and I shot the whole roll with the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15mm f/4.5. One of the best lenses I have ever used, and the super wide focal length enables you to come very close to your subjects or capture a large wide angle.



I used a red filter (B+W 091) for all my photos and the effect of the red filter creates dramatic photos with great atmosphere. The grain is very evident but for these images I found it adds positively to the final look. These are images which I would happily print on canvas, which is not very demanding in terms of resolution.

The Leica M6 has once again delivered in bad weather conditions. With temperatures up to -10C and also getting wet from rain, its a camera I would not hesitate taking it everywhere and under any conditions. It’s a workhorse and built to last forever. I work faster and more accurately with the M7 due to the aperture priority, but the M6 is a strictly mechanical camera, no batteries needed !

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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