Large format infrared

Last weekend I shot my first large format infrared photos. My film of choice was Rollei Infrared 400S (I couldn’t find any Efke IR sheets, which is unfortunate since I really wanted to try the Aura edition in large format).
With the Hoya R72 IR filter I rated the film at ISO 6 (the sun was behind some scattered clouds, in a full sunny day I would rate it at 12 or 25 ISO).

(Sinar Norma 4×5, Nikkor 90mm f/8 SW, Rollei Infrared 400S film, Hoya R72 filter)

As you can see, the IR effect is not so evident due to the sun being behind clouds.

Now, the problem I faced with this emulsion. It’s very thin !!! I’ve read in a forum (can’t remember which) that developing this film in the MOD54 accessory is very difficult since it is slipping out of the holder. I found out first hand that this was a absolutely true ! When I opened the tank both sheets were stuck on the sides of my tank. The MOD54 is a wonderful tool for developing b&w sheets at home and until this day all my films came out just fine. But this emulsion is different, its so thin, it just can’t stay on the holder.

To my surprise, with the exception of some fogging at the edge of one sheet and a long scratch on the other sheet, the film was properly developed. Now, I may was lucky, but I wouldn’t count on this type of development for serious work. Erasing the scratch and fixing the fogging was relatively easy to do in post process, but it was time consuming, and if I am to spend lots of time on my computer, I would rather shoot digital. So, I will give it one more try and if it does not work I will have to send my IR sheets at the lab together with my slides.

So, this was my first experience with large format IR film. You can see the second image below (I forgot to use the R72 filter so it came out as a normal b&w image).


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