Images with Sony RX1

Recently, I had the luck of making some images with the Sony RX1. As you know, its a mirrorless full frame camera, very small and light with a fixed Zeiss 35mm f/2. A technological accomplishment by all means. I had it at my disposal for only ten minutes, but they were enough to appreciate it ! It’s really compact and you can’t really believe that there’s a full frame sensor inside it.

I took a short walk around the streets of the store that provided me the demo RX1 and took a few photos. Nothing artistic of course, just sample images to see how the camera behaves. I found the auto focus fast and the whole operation of the camera very convenient. Again, its the size and weight that really caught my attention. I don’t really have anything else to add, since I only had the camera for a few minutes, just that I was really impressed. It’s very expensive, so I don’t even consider spending all those money for a fixed lens camera.

Here are the samples I managed to take (all images were shot at f/2).











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