Good people

A couple of weeks ago, i was shooting my large format camera at a deserted beach (its winter, so very few people visit a beach on a windy winter’s morning). In a complete lack of sense, I managed to forget my tripod and drive home (about one hour trip). The next day when I searched for my tripod I was really terrified not to find it in my car. Without any hope of finding it, I drove back and for a moment my worst fears came true, there was no sign of it.

But when I looked at the other side of the beach, I saw my tripod fully extended, waiting for me !! A good man who owns a tavern at the village nearby, saw the tripod the day before and took it to protect it from theft. The next day, he placed it in front of his tavern, in case the owner would return to search for it.

I really don’t have enough words to thank this kind man. My tripod is a Manfrotto 055XPROB with a Manfrotto 410 head. Its an expensive investment, and I would really be in big trouble if I would not be able to retrieve it.

So, for one more time, I want to say a big THANK YOU to mr. Aris for his kind act.

(Thank you Aris)

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