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It’s been a while since my last roll of 35mm film. Medium and large format have occupied me lately and I have neglected my full frame rolls. That’s natural, since the difference in image quality is huge between these formats.

The 35mm cameras offer the flexibility of small size and weight and the ability to shoot handheld with a wider range of lenses than my other systems. Most important you have can work with larger apertures for available light photography.

I employed the Leica M6 with Ilford XP2 400 film. It’s a C41 b&w film, which means you can develop it in your local lab. Not one of my favorite films but I have a few of them left. I didn’t like the results I got (its the second that happens with the specific film), which means something is done wrong during development. For this reason, I don’t know if I will use the rest of my XP2 bunch, I will just stick with traditional b&w film which I control the development myseff.










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