Using flash with a view camera

After the first real test of the Sinar Norma on the field, we did one more test, shooting the view camera with flash. Images were taken in my house and it was a very rewarding experience.


For the shot above, I used the Schneider Symmar-S 210mm f/5.6 and Ilford HP5 film. We placed a Nikon SB-900 flash set at 1/2 power of the left, and a LED light on the bottom right. Taking an exposure metering with my Sekonic meter was a burden since the readings didn’t feel right. So, I used my Nikon D800E as a light meter by taking a few shots. I think the image would look better with a one stop faster speed, but the Nikon proved to be a very good light meter (replacing the need for a Polaroid test shot). I would much prefer to shoot an instant film test shot, but Fuji has discontinued the 4×5 instant film, it only distributes a smaller size which requires a holder that’s its very difficult and tricky to use with the Norma. I may try to some time in the future.)


For the image above, we placed a Nikon SB-800 inside the round metallic ball and also used the LED light at the bottom right. This was a more difficult shot to get right exposure but it came out decent. We used a sync cable to trigger the flash on both occasions.

Development was made using the MOD54 accessory which fits in a Paterson 3 tank. It requires experience to place correctly the sheets, but its a very easy way to develop sheet film at home. The problem with 4×5 film is the dust which is very difficult to avoid. I try to be as thorough as possible but you just can’t fight dust !!

For my next photo trip, I will use Delta 100 and FP4 and I am expecting great results with very very fine grain !!

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