Long exposures with the Fuji X100

The Fuji X100 is one of the cameras that can act as your main gear when you really want to travel light. When I just want a small camera that can cover my photo needs for a whole day (aka on a business trip where you don’t want to carry a camera system with lens with you) the X100 is a very good choice (the M8/Elmarit 28 is also good but the X100 has a faster lens, superb ISO performance, a built in flash, can do macro and video, etc).

Since I have already photographed extensively the locations I was visiting and my time for searching new subjects was very limited, I decided to shoot long exposures during the whole day.

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/16, speed: 3 seconds)

During sunrise the X100 can shoot long exposures with the help of the built in ND filter which cuts 3 stops. It’s a very good feature since I don’t need to carry an extra filter with me.

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/16, speed: 6.5 seconds)

One problem that took sometime to solve during these shots, was that I was getting very underexposed images although all my settings seemed right. After some search I discovered that I had set the External Flash menu to ON (from the last time I had used my Nikon SB-900 flash with the X100). When I turned it to OFF the everything was working fine again. I can’t really explain this, or if this option was the cause of underexposure, but setting this option to OFF solved the problem.

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/11, speed: 10 seconds)

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/11, speed: 20 seconds)

I was traveling back home at night so the long exposures saga continued !!

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/2, speed: 20 seconds, ISO 640)

By shooting wide open and boosting up ISO I was able to keep exposures under 30 seconds. The X100 did an excellent job in exposure terms so I didn’t need to shoot manually. My night long exposures were converted to black and white since there were lights behind me that really affected the colors of the image.

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/2, speed: 27 seconds, ISO 640)

I was very happy with the overall performance of the X100 during these long exposures. I don’t need to write once again about the image quality which is really awesome (and really is the strongest asset of this camera). Being able to do so many kinds of photography with such a small camera (and top image quality) is really great.

(Fuji X100, aperture: f/2, speed: 15 seconds, ISO 640)

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  1. Richard Boak says:

    Lovely long exposure work. I have recently purchased the X100 – its a great camera with wonderful image quality. Keep the shots coming.

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