Long exposure infrared images with Fuji X100

I am back with my infrared images but this time with the Fuji X100. My main purpose was to shoot some long exposure seascape photos during daylight. I couldn’t my B+W 110ND (10 stops ND filter) so I just picked up the Hoya R72 I had with me to use it as ND (later, I managed to find the 110ND but I thought it would be interesting to try once more shooting IR with the X100).

(Fuji X100, Hoya R72 filter, aperture: f/11, speed: 30 seconds, ISO 200)

Although not so strong as the Leica M8, there is a infrared look on the images I get with the X100. The optical viewfinder makes it a breeze to frame my subject (just like a rangefinder) and of course the image quality is exceptional.

(Fuji X100, Hoya R72 filter, aperture: f/16, speed: 28 seconds, ISO 200)

The built in ND filter of the X100 makes it possible to take longer exposures without the need to stack a second ND filter on the lens. I have really appreciated this feature of the X100 during my daylight long exposures. Cameras like the X100 and M8 also save me the burden of carrying my heavy Manfrotto tripod, I can easily get away with my light SLIK tripod for any situation. That is very helpful when I am shooting away from my car.

The Fuji X100 is a camera I have written about it during the past year. It started a a hate relationship due to its many flaws (you can see my previous post about the X100), I almost ended up selling it, but now it has become a favorite camera for me. Opinions change through time and its really the exceptional image quality of the X100 that has turned it to a keeper for me. Together with the M8 they have become the main digital residents in my camera bag and the Sony NEX is only used as telephoto camera (with the 55-210 lens permanently mounted).

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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3 Responses to Long exposure infrared images with Fuji X100

  1. Sander says:

    Nice shots Konstantinos and a good read. Efcharisto.

  2. Aaron Loulitch says:

    Hi Konstantinos,
    Could make a tutorial on how you take IR photos with your X100 ? Your work is fantastic.
    Best regards

    • kbesios says:

      Thank you. Actually is quite simple. You need to have a IR filter like the Hoya R72 or the B+W 092 on the lens. You set white balance to custom by making an image of something green (grass, foliage for example). Always shoot RAW. An IR filter will cut many stops of light, so you will need a tripod. And that’s it, you edit the image in your computer like any other photo. The IR effect will mostly show in bright sunny days.

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