Infrared images with B+W 093 filter

Clouds formations over landscapes make the best scenery for infrared photography. So it was time to use once again my infrared camera (aka Leica M8) and my favorite infrared lens (Voigtlander Skopar 21mm f/4). But this time I decided to employ the B+W 093 filter instead of my favorite 092.

The 093 is a stronger IR filter which is not able to produce “false color” IR images, so we are talking about black and white infrared photos. It also cuts more stops so handheld shooting is not easy even with the M8. On broad daylight I am getting speeds about 1/8 at f/5.6 with ISO 320 (which is the maximum ISO setting I am shooting infrared, above that the noise gets really messy.)

On a tripod I can use apertures between f/8 and f/11 so that I have plenty depth of field without having to bracket focus.


The IR effect of the 093 filter is more dramatic and produces a much “genuine” infrared image. On high contrasty scenes I am paying attention not to blow highlights since I can deal easier with shadows (of course I am using the base 160 ISO when on a tripod to get the maximum dynamic range and quality). The pure b&w IR look made me think about shooting IR film (I have a few Rollei 400 IR films in my fridge) so I will probably shoot a roll when weather conditions are the same.

I am still faithful to the 092 filter but I will also try to shoot more with the 093 at the future since I really like its dramat ic monochrome IR look.




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