Images with Holga WPC 120 pinhole camera

My Holga WPC 120 panoramic pinhole camera hasn’t seen action for a long time. I have a few Lomo 100 color negative films left so I thought I shoot some pinhole photos.

(Holga WPC 120, 25 seconds exposure)

Having an aperture of f/135 means long exposures even at broad daylight. You don’t expect high quality images or course, but the distinctive dreamy look of a pinhole camera. It’s always fun to shoot pinhole and you never know how exactly how the photos will look like.

(Holga WPC 120, 4 seconds exposure)

A camera like this can leak light from anywhere so I use tape to seal it after I load film in it.

I am thinking next time of shooting expired slide film with the WPC, it would be really fun !!



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