Fuji GSW690 with Fuji Velvia 50

Every time I get for the lab a developed roll of Fuji Velvia 50 I ask myself why I bother shooting any other kind of film. It’s a unique emulsion, probably the best color film ever made. It’s also an extremely demanding film concerning correct exposure, since even half a stop divergence can ruin your image. But when you nail exposure, its really fantastic.

I was able to appreciate the character of this film when I purchased the Coolscan 9000. The DMAX of my Epson flatbed was simply not enough to produce scans that showed what I was viewing on the lightbox. A 6×9 Velvia frame is a joy to explore on a lightbox with a loupe.


For landscape work, this is the film to choose. I can easily print 40 inches wide photos with superb detail and sharpness (from the Fuji GSW690) and I can even go with larger sizes if I want to. With the use of filters on the field, my post process work is kept to a minimum and that means that all the information in the scanned image is kept intact, a very good staring point for large prints.

I have written many times that the monitor screen cannot reproduce in any way what you will see in a printed photo. That’s the reason I am shooting medium format (and I have recently also added a large format camera in my arsenal). And of course you get the very special look of Velvia which is very hard to approach by just processing a file from a digital camera.

Enjoy the rest of the images.






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  1. Angus says:

    What ISO do you use? Lots of people shoot Velvia 50 somewhere between 25 and 40….

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