Travelling with the Sony NEX 5N

During last month, the Fuji X100 was my main camera since I was in the process of rediscovering it. I also shot some film, so the Sony NEX 5N was left in its bag for quite some time. During my last phototrip I decided to travel light and at the same time have a pretty large range of focal lengths so the NEX was my obvious choice.

My NEX lenses (16mm, 18-55, 50mm, 55-210) can easily fit in my medium size Lowe Pro and the weight is really negligible. So I consider it to be a very good travel combo.


The 18-55 and 55-210 are slow lenses but the high ISO performance of the NEX slightly compensates for this. Their image quality is not top notch but it gets the job done. The great thing about the NEX is that is full of functions and presets. For a guy like me who is used to shoot fully manual sometimes that’s a pleasant break.


Having a focal length range from 24 to 310 (35mm equivalent) can come in handy when there’s no time to change location or no access to a good spot for taking the image. The quality of the images is not of course on par with my D800E but I have successfully printed beautiful photos at 20 inches wide and I could easily go for larger prints if I needed to. So by all means the NEX is a very practical camera for travel if you don’t want to withstand the weight and bulk that comes along with a good DSLR or a medium format film camera.

Enjoy the rest of the images.









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