The Sinar Norma has arrived


This is an image of my Sinar Norma 4×5 view camera. It’s my first step to large format photography. It was a normal evolution since I started with 35mm film and then upgraded to medium format all the way from 645 to 6×17.

A large format camera is a completely different piece of equipment from any other type of camera. It will sure make my medium format cameras to look like point & shoot !!

Unfortunately I still haven’t received the lensboards which are required to mount a lens. And since my first pack of FP4 4×5 sheets was accidentally exposed to light (its a long story !!) I am also waiting for a new pack of sheets to start using it. Normally, sometime next week I will have my first results (if I manage of course to do a proper film development).

In the meantime I am just reading the excellent book “Using the View Camera” book from Steve Simmons.

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5 Responses to The Sinar Norma has arrived

  1. Angus says:

    I’m going to be using a Sinar Zoom back on my 4×5 which allows anything from 645 to 612. You might want to check it out. Two on offer on Ebay – about $400.

    • kbesios says:

      The Sinar Zoom Back is indeed very versatile. For the moment, I am keeping my medium format cameras, so I am going to use my view camera with sheet film. Sometime in the future I will probably also get a roll film back. Thank for the info.

      • Angus says:

        I’m keeping my MF cameras as well. In fact just got a Bessa III w which I have yet to use. But the widest I have is 6×9 with no movements so a back made perfect sense.

  2. Beautiful! I can’t wait to see mine!!

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