Sunrise images with the Nikon D800E

The same sunrise I shot with the Fuji X100 (see previous post). I also took a few images with the Nikon D800E. I much prefer the images from the X100 (which had an unfair advantage since the light was better when I used the Fuji, so its not a comparison between the two cameras of course). The Fuji files also needed much less post processing, so either the X100 rendered better the scenery or I must learn to use my D800E better !!





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2 Responses to Sunrise images with the Nikon D800E

  1. gianna giavelli says:

    dead. no magic at all. fuji 100 were breathtaking heck i’d put the panorama on my wall

  2. gianna giavelli says:

    now the 800 supports nikons custom curve film emulation functions. so I imagine I could set it up to do a bit more what I like with some fiddling there are velvia curves for it

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