It’s one of those days…

…that a momentary lack of concentration leads to what you see below…


What you see is a roll of Fuji Velvia which fell from hands while I was taking it out of my camera. I was in a hurry since the light was changing fast during golden hour and I needed to take one more photo. It’s actually the first time I ruin a film and I’ve shot hundreds of them.

Since Murphy’s law had to be applied once again, this was a very special film since it contained images from six different locations over a period of two weeks. It translates to hundreds of miles travel between these locations and a few hours patiently waiting for the right light on each scenery. I have also taken digital photos on these locations but what I was waiting for was the Velvia roll to come back from the lab and view the huge 6×9 frames on my lightbox.

So, shit happens, and that’s a fact !!!

By no means this event is going to change my attitude towards film, but next time I will be much more careful when swapping films.

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