Fotoman 612 with Ilford Pan F film

The Fotoman 612 is a camera I rarely use since it sits right between my Fuji GSW690 6×9 camera and the Gaoersi 6×17 panoramic camera. The Nikkor 90mm f/8 SW which is mounted on this camera is a really exceptional lens. I am posting three images today taken with Ilford Pan F Plus film. Its a slow ISO 50 film which is quite contrasty, so as you can see it was not the perfect choice for the landscapes I photographed during mid-day. On the other hand, the vertical panoramic image of the tree is rendered very nicely and that really shows much better when I look at the printed image.

(c)2012 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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4 Responses to Fotoman 612 with Ilford Pan F film

  1. Michael Klensch says:

    Greetings and thankyou for sharing your beautiful images.

    So I see that you don’t often use your Fotoman 612. So I wonder if you’ve ever considered selling it? If so, please let me know since I have alwasy been curious about this camera.


    • kbesios says:


      The Fotoman 612 is indeed a camera I haven’t used for quite a while, since I purchased my 6×17 Gaoersi camera. I am considering selling it, but its currently without the Nikkor 90mm f/8 lens which I am using with my 4×5 large format system.

      • Michael Klensch says:

        Many thanks for the reply. I also have a 90mm Nikkor lens that I use with my 4×5 system, so that would not be an issue for me. So if you do decide to sell, just let me know. I believe you have my e-mail information.

        I have spent the past couple of days going through your photos. They are wonderful. I am learning much from your blog… thank you.

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