Color and patterns have started to emerge on fields during this time of the year. It’s a beautiful scenery and a chance to make some photos. I used the Nikon D800E and the 28-300 lens because I needed the focal length versatility and the ability to crop parts of the photos and still have a good number of megapixels left.


There are times when I am in hurry because of work and I will just stop my car for a few seconds and take a shot. Many times I am actually shooting from inside my car and here the 28-300 can prove a fantastic help. I have no illusions that this is an optimum lens for the D800E. The 36mp sensor really out resolves the 28-300 but if I prefer getting a shot even if its not up to my quality standards than not getting the image at all.


These shots are made midday with harsh light. Even at contrasty sceneries the huge dynamic range of the D800E allows for capturing a god amount of shadows and highlights. Add to that a shadow or highlight recovery with Lightroom and you get a good photo. Focusing the 28-300 is not the easiest thing since its kinda slow, but when doing landscapes I can easily get away with an aperture of f/8 and manual focusing close to infinity. I rarely shoot above ISO 400 and at the range of 100-400 ISO the D800E is a swell performer.

The 28-300 is really a fantastic travel lens, you really can get all day long without changing lenses (and swapping huge zoom lenses is something I don’t enjoy when using a DSLR). Add to the gear a 50mm f/1.4 and you have a very adequate setup for pretty much every subject.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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