Mamiya 645 with Sekor-C 150mm f/4 lens

I have just received for the lab, four rolls of Fuji Provia 400X slide film. It’s always a pleasure to watch them on a lightbox, especially medium format slides.

As I have written before, I exclusively use my Mamiya 645 Pro TL with the 150mm f/4 lens. It’s 90mm equivalent in 35mm format. A great portrait lens which (as I do with my Nikkor 135mm DC) I rarely use for portraits !!


The Fuji Provia 400X is a 400 ISO film, which allows me to shoot handheld during daylight with my medium format cameras. You get more grain than the Provia 100, but you also have the versatility of not using the tripod. The meter of the Pro TL is excellent, so I rarely use my Sekonic.

The 150mm lens makes me search for different subjects than my other MF cameras, and that’s the reason it has been permanently on the Mamiya. It’s a large setup (nowhere near the Plaubel Makina 67), but this camera has many automations, and its a SLR, which means I can focus better with a telephoto lens than a rangefinder.



Slide film look much better than color negative and you don’t have to mess with fixing color. It has a limited dynamic range which requires much attention in contrasty scenes, and it takes days to get the film from the lab (I have to mail to another city). The whole process also costs a lot more than color negative, but the results are most of the times worth the cost.

I consider the Provia 400X to be a travel film due to its higher ISO, but for serious landscape work and better IQ, I will stick to the Velvia 50, since it has that unique look.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



(converted to b&w with Lightroom 4)

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