Images in monochrome (and the value of RAW files)

Since I haven’t taken any photos lately, I did one more search through my archives. There were some photos over three years old which could be benefited from some monochrome treatment. By monochrome, I mean not the classic black and white, but the conversion to other tones like brown or sepia (something like duotone).


During my search, I happily discovered that most of my archive is composed of RAW files. I use Lightroom as my library and editing software, and by having the original RAW file you can manipulate your files with the advantages of recent versions of the software. For example, I can apply the automatic lens distortion correction which was not available in earlier versions, alter the white balance or exposure. It’s basically like having the ability to scan your old film negatives with a better scanner.

So, despite the huge storing space of my photos (mostly due to medium format scans and the size of RAW files of cameras like the Nikon D800E), I have the advantage of being able to reprocess my old photos with the new functions of Lightroom, something that could be much harder or impossible to do with JPEG files.


Converting a photo to monochrome or black and white can really change dramatically its look from an ordinary or boring image, to something worth viewing. There are many free plugins for Lightroom for practically any subject, and that really offers many choices for creating interesting images.

So, I will sure keep shooting RAW in order to take advantage of any future functions that will be introduced in new versions of Lightroom or any other software I might use.

Enjoy the rest of the images.




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