Fuji X100 panoramic mode

I am currently on a trip where I chose to use the Fuji X100 as my main digital camera. I am also packing the Sony NEX for some specialized shots (due to the 23-310mm range I have for this system, just in case a very good subject occurs which cannot be covered from the 35mm focal length of the X100), and since it is fall, I couldn’t resist loading a Velvia film in my Fuji GSW690 !!

But my main camera is going to be the X100. I’ve had a love/hate story with this camera since I bought it last year. I even came close in selling it, but today this camera is still with me, so I thought I should use it more. From all my cameras this is the most annoying to use due to its slow operations and some other glitches, but the fact remains that the image quality is excellent, so I am going to see how it goes during the next two days.

For starters, two panoramas captured with the automatic Panoramjc mode. You can see clearly on the first picture that the harsh light created uneven exposure in some parts of the image, the second one came out fine. For true panoramic images I will opt for my Gaoersi 617 or manual digital stitching, but having that function available can come I handy when I want a quick panoramic snapshot for web use.



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