Experimenting with Softbox Pro app for iPad


A quite different post for today. I purchased the Softbox app for my iPad and made some test shots last night. It’s an app which basically turns your iPad into a very interesting light source. It includes various patterns of light and can be used either as a continuous light or as a background.

Due to the limited power of light emitted, the iPad has to be very close to your subject and its preferable that you shoot in a dark environment. Except those limitations (which are expected), Softbox Pro can be a very interesting app to use.


For my test subject I used an old doll from my daughter, and my camera was the Fuji X100. Shot in macro mode and handheld, I got quite interesting results. Despite using a fast f/2 aperture, I needed 3200 ISO to shoot at 1/60 speed. Now, that can easily be fixed by using a tripod if we are talking about a static subject. Even at this high ISO, the X100 produces useable files, so I didn’t mind since after all, this was a test.

The variety of light patterns leaves plenty of room for experiments with various angles, and although it cannot be compared in any way with a proper light source, its a helpful tool in understanding how light works. The images were also processed in my iPad using the Photogene app.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.




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