Black and White images with the Leica M8

The search through my archive revealed to me some “new” images to publish. This time I was searching for black and white images taken with the Leica M8 camera.

The ability to process them with the new functions of Lightroom 4 (mostly the Shadows and Highlights sliders) enhanced them and this is something I will keep doing for my older images. I was searching specifically for b&w images shot with the M8 driven by the fact that a friend of mine just purchased one M8 for black and white work.


The M8 has two great assets which make it a wonderful camera or b&w conversions. The very thin IR filter on the sensor which although is a trouble for color photos, its great for black and white. Also the CCD sensor renders images quite differently from CMOS, it has a very unique kind of noise that resembles film grain (not totally of course, but much more than CMOS sensors noise). Add to that the very sharp look due to the lack of the AA filter, and you have a superb camera for black and white.

I have always noticed this difference when I compare my b&w conversions with other cameras. They look more natural without the clinical super clean look from what I get from my Nikon for example. The M8 is a unique piece of equipment, which can do excellent black and white or infrared photography and despite its flaws and age, it remains my favorite digital camera.

Enjoy the rest of the images, all shot with the Leica M8.







(c)2012 Konstantinos Besios. All rights reserved.

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4 Responses to Black and White images with the Leica M8

  1. Tim says:

    Nice pictures 🙂
    Are those from camera jpeg’s or converted dng’s?

  2. leonard ister says:

    Hi just had my M8 for one week,and not really come to terms with it,just how too shot Black and white,I’m quite new to leica gone over from a Nikon,thought maybe you can help me.Thank you.

    • kbesios says:

      There’s no really any special technique to shoot b&w. I shoot RAW and convert to b&w with lightroom and Nik silver Efex pro software. You could set the camera to shot b&w JPEGS, but the M8 JPEG quality is not that great, so I prefer raw. The CCD sensor of this camera will give you great and white images.

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