Voigtlander announces 21mm Ultron f/1.8 lens

As far as I can remember, this is the first time I am reproducing news from the Internet, and for a good reason that is !!!


Voigtlander announced a new 21mm f/1.8 lens, and that for me is great news. I have extensively used the 21mm f/4 Skopar especially for infrared work and it’s one of the best lenses I have ever tried (and a damn cheap one !!)

It’s only “flaw” is the slow f/4 aperture. A 21mm f/1.8 means more than two stops brighter, which could really change the ways I have used this focal length so far. On a film Leica M it means shooting a TRI-X instead of a Delta 3200, on the M8 you get a fast 28mm lens (I can only imagine the image quality difference between a shot at 640 ISO instead of 2500 which is pretty much unusable). And of course on the NEX it’s going to be a 30mm super fast lens. Considering the great high ISO quality of the NEX, I could really shoot at almost no available light at a wide angle.

It’s price is going to be 1150€ euros, not cheap, but just compare it with the price of the Summilux 21mm. I don’t expect it to even get close to the quality of the Summilux, but at this price level, I can make some compromises.

I will wait of course to see the first reviews when it hits the market (2013), I really hope that Voigtlander can make for one more time a great lens at a good price, it has repeatedly done so far.

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