The future of film

I have been informed by a reader of my blog, the Fotokemika Is ceasing production of the Efke films. The Efke 25 is a film I love for its distinctive look and it’s low speed, makes it possible to shoot wit large apertures during daylight without a ND filter.

I have just ordered five rolls of Efke 25 (120 format) and if they are some of the last Efke films around, it’s really sad.

Recently, some of my favorite films have been discontinued. The Agfa APX 25 (a few years ago to be exact, but I still miss this wonderful emulsion), the Kodak Portra 160VC and 400VC, and now the Efke 25. Kodak’s future is uncertain, and its films business could be sold to another company. Also, Fuji has discontinued the Velvia slide film at 4×5 and 8×10 sizes. I was planning some day to invest on a large format 4×5 camera, and the Velvia was the main reason for that decision.

Although there are plenty of films on the market today, each film shooter has its favorite films, and been forced to choose a different emulsion is not pleasant. I could order some high quantities and keep them in my freezer, but spending hundreds of euros at once isn’t always possible, and I don’t really want to risk shooting a film years after its expiration date (despite the fact that many people have done it with excellent results). A new freezer (to put all these films) is also not my priority.

I don’t find myself surprised by the demise of film, almost everyone these days is shooting digital (and for many good reasons, that is). I am just hoping that 10 years after, there will still be some films around (probably b&w) to use in my favorite cameras (and of course the needed chemicals to develop them, and a decent scanner to scan them !!)

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