Street images with the Leica M6

It seems that this month, street photography has captured my attention after a long time. I have found myself searching through my archives for my old street photos, and I have found a lot of them which I had forgotten.

(Leica M6, Ilford Delta 3200)

As I expected, most of these photos were shot on film, mostly with a Leica M6. I purchased the M7 a couple of years ago, and at that time I had almost abandoned street photography (which is really strange, since I consider the M7 to be ideal for the street due to its aperture priority mode that makes me shoot faster). The whole idea was to have two bodies, M6 for b&w and M7 for slide film, or the M6 for a slow 100 ISO film and the M7 for a faster film like TRI-X 400 or Delta 3200.

(Leica M6, Ilford XP2 400)

My best street images so far have been done with the Leica M6 and the Ricoh GX200 (at least that’s what the EXIF say). The M6 scanned files, especially the ones shot with my 1950’s Elmar 50mm collapsible are my favorites. The rendering of this old lens on film is really special and although I prefer the 35mm as a focal length, many times I use the Elmar just to get that specific look.

(Leica M6, Ilford Delta 3200)

What I like about film on the street, is that I am absolutely devoted to find a good subject, there’s no preview screen, so I take the shot and continue my walk. I don’t shoot like crazy, don’t use motor drive and don’t return home with hundreds of images to choose from. Maybe if I did that, I could get some more good images, but I always get frustrated when I try to find a good images among hundreds. I have done that with my Nikon, and I much prefer the slower pace of film shooting.

After looking at my old street images, I have to admit that I am starting to show a new interest in street photograph, so I may go out soon for a walk in the city (especially on rainy day which I like very much for street images).

Enjoy the rest of the images (all shot with Leica M6 using Ilford XP2 400 and Delta 3200 films)





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