Street images with Leica M7 and Kodak TMAX 100

After my yesterday’s morning walk with the Ricoh GX200 and the street images that I shot, I searched through my archives for more street images. I stumbled in two images from a trip I did last year with the Leica M7 and Kodak TMAX 100 film.


The Leica M7 is really a very good street camera. Although the M6 and MP models are considered to be the hardcore M’s due to their mechanical shutter which does not require batteries, making them more reliable, the aperture priority feature of the M7 makes me shoot faster and with more accurate exposure. Carrying two more spare batteries is no issue of course, so the M7 is my always my first choice. It’s more precise shutte makes it also better off slides, although I have stopped shooting slide film in 35mm (you just can’t beat a medium format Provia or Velvia !!)

The Kodak TMAX 100 is a film I mainly use for landscapes. It lacks the speed and character of the TRI-X 400 or Ilford HP5 which are my favorite films for street photography (the Delta 3200 has also seen some use when the light falls).

When printed, images from film have a unique look for the clean look I get from converted b&w images. The exception here is the Leica M8 which can produce stunning b&w images which to a certain extent reminds me of film images. Of course, when I raise ISO, the noise has nothing in similar to the grain you get from a silver halide emulsion.

Although I rarely do street photography these days, if I want to make some images in city, my first choice most of the times will be a film camera.


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