Sony NEX 5N at a music event

Yesterday’s post was about images taken at a gig with the Plaubel Makina 67. Today I am posting some images from the Sony NEX 5N. They are “specialty” shots, close ups and shots with limited doF to complement with the general gig shots my friends were shooting.

The NEX performed quite well in this difficult lighting setup. I mostly used the 55-210 e-mount lens, and did also some shots with the 18-55 and 50mm f/1.8. Since my position was stable (I could not change positions due to limited place and crowd), the 55-210 proved to be a very useful lens.


The 55-210 is a slow lens (at its long edge it’s f/6.3), so most shots were shots at 3200 ISO. As you can see, the performance of the 5N at this ISO is good, so I feel very comfortable shooting at high ISO. This is one of the major reasons I chose the 5N over the NEX 7, together with the fact the wide angle lenses like my Leicas and Voigtlanders perform much better on the NEX 5N.



The great advantage of digital in a situation like this, is that you can shoot hundreds of images. Of course, by looking at the black and white conversion, I still prefer the look of the 6×7 b&w film. The digital seems too clinical to me. But I was not going to shoot 10 or 20 rolls of film, it’s way too expensive !!



In order to remain less intrusive, I turned off the AF assist illuminator, and in many cases, the camera auto focus was hunting in low light. So, many shots were done with manual focus. The focus peaking of the NEX was really helpful, and some times I even used the zoom manual function on the LCD screen. So, I really had no problems with focus.

Generally, I have found the 55-210 e-mount to be a great addition to the NEX system, a very useful lens indeed.

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