Long exposures with Sony NEX 5N and B+W 110ND filter

The B+W 110ND is a 10 stops ND filter which makes possible long exposures during daylight. It can create very interesting images especially when you shoot scenes with water, like seasides or rivers.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens, B+W 110ND filter)

My favorite camera for long exposures with this filter is the Leica M8. Since its a rangefinder I have always a bright viewfinder to compose my frame easily. On the NEX or a DSLR system, the filter is so dark that you have to remove it in order to compose the frame. The live view screen of the NEX is much better to handle than my Nikon since sometimes you can change temporarily the settings in order to see a dark (but visible image), but still cannot beat the rangefinder. Furthermore, I much prefer the way the CCD sensor of the M8 renders a long exposure image.

Anyway, by adding one stop compensation, I was able to shoot at aperture priority mode without having to use manual settings. This made my shooting faster. Since you have to wait after each shot due to long exposure noise reduction (which I always activate it), the ability to have the image properly exposed with just one shot, allows you to shoot more images.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens, B+W 110ND filter)

I consider the B+W 110ND the best filter of its kind. It has superb quality with minimum color shift. Actually, almost all my filters are from this brand, and I am very happy with their performance.

At these long exposures, a heavy and sturdy tripod is a must in order to get a sharp image. Even with a light camera like the NEX, I will always use my Manfrotto setup.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens, B+W 110ND filter)

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