Two more IR images from my recent trip. In both photos except from the usual red/blue channel swap in order to produce false color, I added a Cross Balance (Daylight to Tungsten) effect, a process I am using more and more lately for my infrared images.



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  1. Morten Andersen says:

    Could you elaborate a little bit on the cross balance effect? Is it a plugin or what adjustments did you do? Very nice infrared photos btw! I’m curently trying out the same filter on the Fuji X-Pro1, but haven’t got that good results yet.

    • kbesios says:

      Cross Balance is a preset included in the Color Efex Pro from Nik Software. It might possible to achieve the same effect manually in Photoshop but I don’t know how. About the Fuji X-Pro 1 (which by the way is a superb camera), I suspect that as with all modern cameras the IR filter on the sensor it too strong to achieve a pure infrared look. The M8 has a very thin IR filter (that’s why I have to use a special UV/IR filter in normal photographs to prevent black fabrics turned to magenta).

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