Images with Ilford FP4 Plus film

One more search in my archives yesterday made me “rediscover” some old captures taken with Ilford FP4 Plus film. A good old film with a vintage look, different from modern emulsions like the Ilford Delta or Kodak TMAX.

This is a wonderful film and I admit that I have not used it as much as I should. My fridge is full of TMAX 100 rolls, so when I need to shoot a slow b&w film I use the TMAX. But, by looking at these images, I should probably get a couple of rolls.

(Leica M6, Ilford FP4 Plus)

FP4 has a great tonality and a very sharp look. It’s not supposed to be as fine grained as the Delta 100, but it looks more vintage and that’s a look I prefer. I rate it at 100 ISO and develop it with Ilfotec DD-X developer. I have also tried the Ilfosol 3 which provides a sharper image but with more evident grain.

(Leica M6, Ilford FP4 Plus)

My choices for b&w films after shooting many different rolls , are mostly old emulsions. I like the Efke 25, Kodak TRI-X 400 and Ilford Pan F. The TMAX 100 is a film I will use for landscapes (medium format) and for available light I will push TRI-X to 1600 ISO (the Delta 3200 is a great film, but after shooting and rolls recently, I much prefer the TRI-X pushed). I suppose, the good, old Ilford HP5 will be my choice for this month since I have five expired rolls and want to “get rid of them”. I have shot many times expired b&w films with excellent results, but for serious work Iprefer to load films prior to their expiration date.

Enjoy the rest of the images.

(Leica M6, Ilford FP4 Plus)

(Fotoman 612, Ilford FP4 Plus)

(Leica M7, Ilford FP4 Plus)

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2 Responses to Images with Ilford FP4 Plus film

  1. Rick says:


    have you seen Efke has shut down, no more product? Get what you can find if you want more.


    • kbesios says:

      Thank you very much Rick, I didn’t know that. It’s really sad for film shooters, more and more films are discontinued as time goes by, but I guess that’s inevitable due to low demand.

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