Boats in monochrome

When I bought the Sony SEL 55-210 lens for the Sony NEX, I really thought that it would be a lens that would be used in very specific occasions. I am more into wide angle than telephotos, and I prefer primes over zooms, but this lens has really seen some serious use since I got it. In fact, it’s almost glued on my NEX during the past month !!

The 82-315 equivalent of this lens has really helped me getting shots that I could not in the past (since my longest focal length was a 50mm or in some cases a 90mm). By revisiting locations, I found new subjects and that really led at making some images that I personally like very much.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens, handheld)

This lens has image stabilisation, which means that with a fast shutter speed I can get pretty sharp images. The ISO performance of the NEX allows me to shoot at these speeds (and I really appreciate this performance, since at its longest end, this lens is f/6.3 !!). At this long focal length I will often use the motor drive to shoot 3-4 consecutive images, and choose the sharpest.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens, handheld)

The 16mp sensor allows for cropping which practically extends its long edge even more. I will always keep at least 10mp resolution at a cropped image, so that I can still be able to print at decent size if I want to. I can also interpolate the image if I need to, without significant loss of quality (after all at 210mm , the Sony SEL does not show state of the art image quality).

Since the weather conditions during shooting were not ideal (haze), I decided to convert the images above to monochrome, and I really liked the final results. There are wonderful monochrome presets for Lightroom which I tend to use often lately and can give you great results without much tweaking.

The 55-210 for its money, is a great lens and it’s one of my purchases that was really worth it.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony SEL 55-210 lens, handheld)

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