Virtually moving time-lapse with the Nikon D800E

This is my third time-lapse attempt with the Nikon D800E. I was trying to find a way to fake movement in order to make a more interesting time-lapse video. By searching the internet I discovered a quite simple technique for faking movement in time-lapse videos at this link.

I shot the images using the Interval function of the D800E. Changed resolution to 9 megapixels (3680*2456) and converted the image sequence to video with the Quicktime 7.

In Final Cut Pro X, I imported the video in a 4K project, and with the Ken Burns effect, I faked movement. Since 4K is many times larger than HD, its easy to zoom on the video and by panning, fake movement. The final composition was exported at 720p resolution (I could have also chosen 1080p, but for bandwidth reasons I downscaled, since I am on 3G internet connection during my vacations).

A moving time-lapse is of course far more interesting and enjoyable to watch. The use of dedicated gear like a dolly with a electronic motor will of course yield much better results, but since I don’t make time-lapses often, I don’t see the reason in such an expensive investment.

Enjoy the video (I know this is the same location as my two previous time-lapses, but I am still trying to improve my technique in this area, before I go out and camp for hours in a better and more interesting location).

If for any reason you cannot see the video click here to view it directly in YouTube.

(c)2012 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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