The return of the Fuji X100

Well, that’s a post about a camera I thought I had definitely left behind me. A couple of months ago I gave my Fuji X100 for sale, and was left with the impression it was gone. For some reason (which I am not going to analyze in detail) the camera “came back to me” since the potential buyer decided to purchase a high end DSLR instead. So, just one day before I leave town for a short vacation, the X100 was with me again !

I could have resisted the camera for sale, but I did not. I don’t know why, but that moment I decided to keep it, so I left with the X100 and a Leica M6 in my bag. I was going to spend long hours at the beach with my family, and I just wanted two small cameras with 35mm and 50mm focal length (an all around lens like the 35mm equivalent of the X100 and a 50mm f1.5 for my “full frame” film camera for more tight frames and portraits). I also added a cheap Fuji underwater camera, the WPZ.

(Fuji X100, macro mode)

I had forgotten how compact this camera is. The 23mm f/2 lens is really small and much smaller in length than the NEX 5N with the 18-55 zoom (I don’t have the 24mm Zeiss to compare, but it’s a much bigger lens from what I have seen). The fact that I could not change lenses was very liberating for me, since I didn’t bother with finding the “correct” lens each time but had to shoot whatever was fit for this focal length. After all, changing lenses at the beach is not a good idea !

So, for my whole trip I used this camera for family snapshots and some macro experiments, the M6 was only used for family portraits.

My second experience with the the X100 was very positive. Sure, it’s flaws remain and I have written extensively about them in previous posts, but it will probably remain in my arsenal as a backup or supplementary camera to my Leica M8 (especially for low light situations, or when I want to use the superb fill flash of the X100).

My Sony NEX 5N will not be with me for a while since I managed to fill its sensor with dirt beyond my own ability to clean it, so the X100 will probably get a very good second chance for some time !

That’s all for today, two more macro images from the X100 below



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