Moon over sunset

Yesterday, after a heavy rain, cloud formations started to get orange colors just before sunset. It was a good chance to make some images, so I setup the Nikon D800E with the Nikon 50mm f/1.4D AF on my tripod. I took lots of images, mostly bracketing in order to do some HDR process later.

As it turned out, I was not happy with the final result, the whole scenery looked too fake to my eyes (I really think my HDR days are over !!). A few more efforts with dodging, burning and making selective adjustments didn’t work as I wanted to (the image looked too common), so I decided to do some heavy post processing and create a more artistic composition.

This is the original image I chose from a bunch of identical shots. Its always easier to bring out shadows than highlights in a digital file so I did some underexposure when shooting. I converted the image to black and white and enhanced contrast and sharpness.

This is the image from yesterday’s post heavily cropped to 0.5 megapixel size (my 300mm equivalent telephoto lens on the Sony NEX 5N was not enough, so I cropped). I inserted the moon image to my black and white scenery and placed it just above the clouds on the left. A few adjustments more and the moon looked like it was behind the clouds.

I adjusted curves in both layers so that the blend would look more natural and here is the final composition.

Not bad for a dull sunset scenery, I guess. Despite my love for film, I cannot deny the endless options which digital gives you in order to create a photo. I could do the same of course by processing a scanned film file, but the crystal clear file of the D800E at base ISO combined with the 36mp sensor really is the first choice when doing this kind if manipulation (and I prefer my film images with the minimum post process adjustments, so they retain the unique film look).

As I had written a few days ago, the Nikon D800E is a superb camera that in many cases has replaced my medium format film gear.

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