Infrared images with Efke IR 820 film

I love Infrared photography and practice it every time I find the right conditions (which is bright sun with great cloud formations). The Leica M8 is my IR gear but I have also tried a few rolls of IR films like Ilford SFX200, Efke IR 820 and Rollei 400 IR.

Shooting infrared film is not easy since you don’t get to see the preview of your image. I have found that many times I need to bracket exposure in order to get the correct one. The Efke IR 820 was one of the first IR rolls I tried and today I am publishing images from this roll.


I used the Leica M1 camera which has no meter, but I didn’t mind since I was going to use incident metering with my Sekonic meter in order to get as much accurate readings as possible.

The one most important thing I didn’t do was to write down the exposure readings and aperture/shutter settings of each frame so that I can have a good guide for future films. I have many times omitted to keep notes at the past and I have always regretted it. Today when I shoot film I keep detailed notes of my shots and that has helped me a lot evaluating the best settings for each different film.


My choice of filter was the B+W 092 filter (the same I use for digital). Depending on the scene, the IR film produces very interesting images which have evident grain (on a 35mm camera).

I keep in my fridge a few rolls of Rollei IR 400 film (medium format) which I am going to give it a try at the near future. I prefer shooting infrared film with a medium format camera since the larger negative will have better tonality and less grain.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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