It’s time for some more infrared images. The combination of sun and cloud formations is always ideal for IR photography. As usual, the “classic” setup was the Leica M8, Voigtlander Skopar 21mm and B+W 092 filter.



The scenery was really fantastic, and it was one of the rare times when I kept shooting like crazy (usually I treat my digital cameras like film, shooting quite a few images on a photo trip, but the the scenery “called” for experimenting with different angles and exposures).



The human element in a landscape image is always welcome ! It can transform a normal (or even boring image) to something more interesting. Unfortunately, the shutter speed was very low at the first image, I got motion blur, but that’s what happens some times when you try to capture the “decisive moment” ! The LCD of the M8 is really not good at judging the quality of the image, but even if I had seen the blur, it was too late to capture another one (the moment had passed !)



I really like the second image with the small pool of water, and in infrared, it really pops up on the foreground.


When you are at 1600 meters altitude, the clouds can be very helpful in image composition. They descent to your level and give you the chance for beautiful photos.

Concerning IR images, I have stuck to the 092 filter, since I can shoot handheld and convert to false color if I want to. The 093 filter would probably create more “hardcore” infrared photos, but I haven’t get used to carry a tripod with the Leica M8, so the 092 is still my main choice.

That’s all for today, enjoy the rest of the images.



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