The presence of horses at a scenery, almost always makes me stop my car and take a couple of images. So, when I spotted them while driving, I grabbed the chance and captured them from two different angles.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony 55-210 e-mount lens)

I have found the Sony SEL 55-210 to be a very useful lens. In this case it allowed me to fill the frame with my subject without getting close.

(Sony NEX 5N, Sony 18-55 e-mount lens)

There was a small stone structure at the scene, so I entered and took a shot through the window, which resulted in a very interesting image.

As you can see, during my two recent photo trips, my choice of gear was small cameras (the Leica M8 and Makina 67 two days ago, and the NEX system yesterday). My Nikon D800E is by all means, a superior machine in almost every aspect (although I still prefer the way the CCD sensor of the M8 renders a scene at low ISO), but I find it a very heavy and large setup to carry. The 36 megapixels would provide me the ability to print at very large sizes (and I do often print large), but I still look at the D800E as a camera for very specific tasks.

I find the bulk and weight of a high end DSLR on a full day photo trip really not comfortable, so most of the times my choices will be the M8, the Makina 67, or the NEX system. Especially the NEX with an accumulated focal length of 24-300 can pretty much capture everything, and the small size and weight of lenses make it very easy for me to swap them on the field. I can’t say the same for when I have to swap the Nikkor 24-70 with the 135mm f/2 !

I treat the D800E the same way I treat my Fuji GSW690iii, Fotoman 612 or Gaoersi 617, a specialized camera that can provide stunning images, and will take it with me when I already have in mind a specific series of images at a specific location.

For the “normal” trips with friends, I always enjoy more the comfort and ease of use of a smaller and lighter system.

(c)2012 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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