Film cameras archives: Fuji GSW690iii

As I’m still on vacation, and this year I decided to relax (I needed the rest after a tough year) and not hike everyday to get photos, I have plenty of time to take a look back in my archives. I thought it would be a good idea to gather some of my best images taken with my film cameras and create a series of posts dedicated to them. After all (as I have stated tenths of times !!), film is still my favorite medium of photography.

So, as a first post, I am publishing images taken with the Fuji GSW690iii 6×9 camera. The readers who have been following this blog for a long time will have to excuse me since they have probably seen these images at least one time, but I think showcasing those images again is good for the people who accidentally discover my blog and are interested in film cameras.

(Fuji GSW690iii, Fuji Velvia 50)

The Fuji GSW690iii camera is literally a big box for the spectacular Fujinon 65mm f/5.6 lens. No meter, no batteries needed, just aperture and shutter controls. It’s rangefinder camera (and for that reason it has been often referred to as the “Texas Leica” due to its size).

(Fuji GSW690iii, Fuji Velvia 50)

(Fuji GSW690iii, Kodak Portra 160VC)

Shooting with this camera is a slow and thorough process. You meter the scene with an external meter, focus with the rangefinder (or use zone focus since I mainly use it for landscapes), set aperture and speed, and get the image. One thing that really annoyed me when I got this camera was the luck of a Bulb setting. The “T” setting for long exposures does not work like in MF lenses (press the shutter, count and then press the shutter again). You have to put the lens cap back on the lens and then turn the shutter ring to close the shutter. I have “lost” a few shots due to this function, but now I am used to it, so there is no problem. Still, I think a normal Bulb function would be better.

(Fuji GSW690iii, Fuji Velvia 50, Hoya ND8 filter, f/16, 120 seconds exposure,)

As you see, I have written down the EXIF data for the above image. This is something I forget to write down many times, but when shooting film, I think its crucial to keep an archive of EXIF data, in order to learn from your previous images and be more technically proficient in the future.

In conclusion, the Fuji GSW690iii is a wonderful landscape camera, with a fantastic razor sharp lens capable of producing stunning images. Load a Provia 100 or Velvia 50 slide film, and the images you are going to get will be absolutely rewarding !!

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