A visit at a monastery

At my recent daily photo trip with friends, I had the chance to visit a 700 years old Monastery. There, we had a discussion with the local priest, who gave us a tour and we learned many things about the history of this place. A wonderful, simple man who bared with us while we were taking tenths of photos.

I managed to get three good images of this man, and I am posting them today.




Now, to the technical side.

I was carrying the Leica M8 with the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar f/4.5 lens. Not the best choice for taking images of people, but it worked quite well due to the very close angles I had to shoot (a longer lens would cut off the frame too much).

This is a truly great lens, with great sharpness and image quality. The b&w image in full resolution is really razor sharp, and the great tones of the CCD sensor always make the M8 my first choice for conversion to b&w. Unfortunately, resizing the image for the web really takes away a significant portion of the overall image quality.

For the two images that were shot inside the church, I really had to struggle with the difficult light conditions. The slow aperture of the 15mm combined with the very bad ISO performance of the M8, forced to shoot at 1/4 speeds and even then, push exposure at least 2 stops in Lightroom.

Despite the evident noise, I really liked the final results. They look (to some extent) like painted images, especially the one besides the entrance. My NEX would have been able to shoot at 3200 ISO and get a much cleaner image, but no way it could render these images the way the M8 did.

I only regret that I didn’t bring a film camera with a 3200 ISO film, I could have taken some very interesting images with a fast b&w film.

For my next post, I will publish some infrared landscapes from the same photo trip.

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