Trying the Neutralhazer filter from Kolor

There are many many times when I shoot during midday, because i don’t have the time to be on a beautiful location during the golden hour. As it is obvious, there’s lot of haze, heavy contrasty scenes and generally a not friendly environment for taking good images. Today, with the use of software like Photoshop and Lightroom, there are many ways to improve photos taken under the wrong light or time of the day, but I don’t like spending much time in front of my computer processing images.

I discovered Neutralhaze while i was visiting the Kolor company web site in order to update my version of Autopano Pro (which is the software I use to stitch panoramic images). Its a Photoshop filter which tries to remove the haze from your pictures automatically, and has a few parameters to alter if you want to.

I found it to be quite useful in improving the final look of an image without having to mess with many options, which is exactly what I was searching for. Although you can’t really imitate the fantastic light of the golden hour, I find it a very useful tool among the others I use.

You can check out the official web page for Neutralhazer here.

Here’s an example.

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