Testing Nikon D800E macro video

The Nikon D800E (as all modern cameras) can shoot HD video. I used to make videos before I got more involved with photography (with an old Sony camcorder), but until now, I haven’t really utilized this feature (with the exception of some test videos with the Sony NEX 5N).

Shooting a video with a DSLR can provide superb quality clips, and furthermore you can take advantage of the narrow depth of field of a full frame camera. The whole process is more difficult than with a video camera (my Sony HDR-CX730E which I use for family videos is much more easier to shoot and employs a fantastic image stabilization system, a 26-300 focal length and the only thing it lacks is narrow DoF ability). There is camera shake if you don’t use a tripod or a dedicated video rig.

So, a DSLR requires a more “professional” technique to video shooting. Since my nearest subjects these days (I am on vacation), are insects and flowers, I though I tried shooting some macro video with the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro lens.

After some failed attempts capturing video handheld (terrible camera shake and of course even the slightest move would render the scene out of focus), I setup the D800E on a tripod, adjusted focus manually and pressed the REC button.

The clips were edited in Final Cut Pro X, which I am still trying to get used to it, I really preferred the old interface of the previous versions. I added a subtle soundtrack (from my old days of composing instrumental music) and here is my first test video with the D800E.

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