More images with the Nikon D800E

A few more images form the recently aquired Nikon D800E. Not much time to evaluate it properly, but I during the next days I will have more photos.

I see the evident magenta cast on my long exposure shots, and that is something that I will really have to deal with soon.

The Nikon D800(E) is not a camera that can easily show its fully potential, unless you are very thorough when shooting. It requires to be treated almost like a medium format camera to show the 100% of its abilities. So, I shoot on a tripod, using a cable release and the mirror up function. I use the Nikkor 24-70 f/2.8 which is considered to be a top quality zoom lens, although a good prime would be more preferable. With so many megapixels on a 24×36 sensor, diffraction can appear easily, so even the choice of aperture requires much attention (finding the perfect combination of optimum performance with adequate depth of field). It sure is a camera that will take some time to master.

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