Macro images with Nikon D800E and Tamron 90mm f/2.8

Well, my vacations have officially started, and as usual, the Tamron 90mm f/2.8 macro will be drawn out of the closet. I try to relax as much as possible on my summer vacations, so my photo trips are very few. Since I am out in the country, it’s very easy for me to find subjects for macro photography, that’s why I tend to shoot lots of macro photos during each August.

This year I have with me the Nikon D800E, and I was really curious to see how the 36 megapixels sensor would allow me to get even close to my macro subjects by cropping the original file (and still have plenty of megapixels for a large print).


The ability to crop a macro shot is indeed a very useful asset of a 36mp camera. I am good in macro photography, since I rarely shoot macros, so by cropping I can get much better and cleaner results than I did with the 12mp Nikon D700.


At first, I tried some shots at f/2.8, but the DoF was so narrow, that I couldn’t get any good results. By choosing smaller apertures, things improved, but ISO started to raise. Even at 1000 ISO, at 100% crop, the noise was evident, so decided to use my SB-700 flash.



Although the flash effects really show in these photos, it allowed me to stay below ISO 400, and of course the subjects were far more clear and detailed. All my shots were handheld, but in many situations a tripod could come in handy, since even the slightest move would render my subject put of focus (I use manual focus with the Tamron 90mm).



I am going to try more macro shots during the next days and experiment with flash. For this kind of photography, the D800E proved to be a fantastic camera, and this is one area where the 36 megapixels can be really useful.



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