Creating a 100 megapixels panoramic image with the Nikon D800E

One the first things I wanted to try when I got my hands on the Nikon D800E, was image stitching in order to create images with tenths of megapixels. I have tried that in the past with the Nikon D700 (12mp) and the Leica M8 (10mp), with successful results, but it was quite a difficult procedure, since it required many images to be shot sequentialy in order to reach high megapixels count.

The more images you take, the more you risk of messing up with the final images. Water movement, leaves and generally moving objects possess a serious threat to the final composition. The 36 megapixels of the D800E really reduce by a lot the number of images needed for a multi megapixels photo.

(Nikon D800E, Nikon 28-300 lens, image stitching with Autopano Pro)

I took four images handheld with the Nikon 28-300 lens and stitched the final composition in Autopano Pro. Now, during the shots at least two of the cows moved (from what I saw). Cows are very slow movers generally, but they do move !! So, when I started stitching the photos I expected to see some blur or wrong collage at the final result. To my surprise, it was perfect, even at 100% zoom, there is not a single movement sign. Maybe I was lucky while framing and shooting, or the software did a hell of job choosing which parts of the images to stitch.

The final images is 23596 x 4645 size, which translates to about 109 megapixels. With my D700 or M8, I could not have completed my shooting before some serious movement occurred, that’s for sure, so I am really happy that I could do a stitch like the without errors.

Now, do I need a 109 megapixels panoramic image of cows? Maybe not, I am not really planning in the near future hanging on my wall a 4 meters wide pano of cows, but the fact remains that multi megapixels images can be done much easier than before, so I really look forward to compose some really large landscape photos with the D800E.

Below, are crops of the panoramic image. The detail is indeed amazing.

(c)2012 Konstantinos Besios. All Rights Reserved.

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2 Responses to Creating a 100 megapixels panoramic image with the Nikon D800E

  1. Frank says:

    I like the cow-panorama, but I see 4 images stitched due to the heavy vignetting, very visible in your panorama.
    In Photoshop, there is a button ‘remove vignetting’, that you can select and it works very well, maybe there is something likewise in Autopano …
    Just a thought …

    • kbesios says:

      Thanks for your observation Frank. Unfortunately the Nikon 28-300 suffers from heavy vignetting, which as you correctly suggested, needs to be removed in post processing. I should be more careful next time (and that’s one of the reasons I don’t want to use lenses like this, there are quite a few things that can go wrong).

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