A photo from the past (technology)

night I was returning home when I noticed a great chance for taking a good image. The moon was placed between the tree branches and it was a really beautiful spectacle to watch. The only camera I had with me was my good old Ricoh GX200. It’s a fantastic street camera with superb ergonomics and being a compact camera, it’s very small and light.

I set the ISO to 800, in order to have a a shutter speed of 1/15 and what I got was the image below.


This was the best out of four tries, and even the conversions to black and white could not improve it much. At ISO 800 at night, the noise was all over the image.

That made me really appreciate the evolution of digital cameras during the past few years. With a camera like the Sony NEX 5N which is not much larger than the GX200 (I include the lens to the total size) I could shoot a really beautiful image, and at ISO 800 it would be virtually noise free.

So, this was a good opportunity to remember that I should not take everything as granted, the new mirorless cameras with APS-C or 4/3 sensors are really revolutionary cameras that are able of taking wonderful images at almost all situations, and at the same time are small and light to carry in a small bag. When the Ricoh GX200 hit the market, the only option for high ISO photography was a good DSLR, that all has changed today and of course it’s something that I am very happy for (since I never carry a DSLR with me when going out !!)

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