Urban Infrared

During the past month, I have really gotten deeply into infrared photography, I thought to add a variety to my subjects and do some urban images. A beautiful part of a city with old buildings and a river crossing between them was the perfect scenery for my IR photos.

I used the Leica M8 with the Voigtlander 15mm f/4.5 lens and the B+W 093 IR filter for all my images.


The 093 filter really is far more dramatic than the 092 and found it more appropriate for the scenery. The pure IR black and white look really fits old building photos and renders them in a unique way.



Now, as I have written before, it’s extremely difficult to make sharp photos with the 093 filter, since even on the Leica M8 the speeds I got was around 1/4 at ISO 320. For posting at small sizes on my blog, they look pretty good, but for printing large, a tripod is absolutely necessary. Now, don’t really enjoy walking in the city with a tripod, but for serious work, handheld shooting is out of the question.

It seems that the 093 filter has earned its place in my filters case after all. For architecture shots I much prefer it over the 092 which is good for pretty much anything else. Now, I must find some subjects for my third IR filter, the orange 099, which seems to be the most rarely used at least for my taste.

Enjoy the rest of the images.



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