Sony SEL 55-210 for Sony NEX: Day 2

My second day with the Sony SEL 55-210 lens. Although I am planning to do some specific shots to see how the lens behaves, due to heavy work load I am currently shooting whatever comes in way !!



Although the atmosphere was not clear, I took a few shots at 210mm (which is 320mm equivalent) handheld. The stabilization of this lens works like a charm which is very useful at these long focal lengths. Now, what I have “discovered” during these two days, is that my mind keeps working in “prime lens mode”. To further explain, although I have the versatility of a zoom telephoto (80-320mm), I tend to stick to a certain focal length and not mess with the zoom ring. Usually I have it on maximum length (at 210mm, that is) and instead of zooming in and out, I am changing my position by making steps forward or backward !! So, it will probably take some time to get used to this new setup.


I find the 55-210 to be a great lens for the NEX system. It gives me the opportunity to photograph subjects that I was not being able to until now, visit familiar locations and view them with a different perspective. As far as quality goes, you get what you paid for. It’s not Leica or even Voigtlander, but for its money, it’s a very good lens. With Lightroom 4, I can make corrections to distortion, CA and other parameters and vastly improve the final image. I haven’t tried to print large yet, but I am expecting to see very good results. The only thing that I miss is a faster aperture do that I can experiment with narrow depth of field, but for that I prefer the Leica Tele-Elmarit 90mm and the Elmar 135 f4 lenses.

So far, I am very pleased with the 55-210, more images coming soon.



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