The image below is one of my favorite ones. I chose the tile “Serene” for this post because that’s exactly how I interpret this image.

(Nikon D700, Nikkor 135mm f2 DC)

It had just stopped raining and I was trying to make a panoramic stitch of a beautiful seascape, when I noticed the two birds flying low. With a shutter speed of 1/1600 it was easy to capture them and get a sharp image at the same time. The lens was preset to manual focus, so the capture was instant (the 135mm is not focusing as fast the newer Nikon lenses).

I find myself using the 135 Nikkor mostly for landscapes or close ups, and far less for portraits, a subject for which this lens is supposed to excel. The few times I will choose the D700 as my main gear, I mainly shoot with primes lenses (24mm and 50mm), so the 135mm gets used in special circumstances. I am not much of a telephoto photographer, I am mostly into wide angles (that’s the reason I chose a full frame Nikon), but there are those few occasions where a telephoto can come in handy. For those rare situations, the 135mm is a fantastic lens to use.

On a future post, I will try to show how the defocus control ring of the Nikkor 135mm behaves and the subtle (but clearly evident) changes that makes on the out of focus areas (bokeh).

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